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Having a good connection speed to the rest of the internet is essential for delivering your application quickly. If you’re having trouble and suspect that your speed is to blame, you can use the SpeedTest CLI to measure it. Remember that your upload speed is just as important as your download speed as a poor upload speed will limit the transfer speed of your all important files to your customers.

Make sure you have root access to your server before you proceed.

Update (22/08): I’ve changed the guide to reflect the fact that the speedtest-cli script is already in the Ubuntu repository so you should install it from there to get the benefits of automatic updates and automatic dependency installation.

Install Speedtest CLI

First, log into your server over SSH. Then, install the Speedtest CLI:

$ sudo apt-get install speedtest-cli

Now, lets find out our speed!

$ speedtest-cli

The script will test your download and upload speed, and give you a readout. Read on if you want to share your speeds:

Share your speed

If you’re feeling outgoing you might want to share your speed. Run the following command to re-evaluate your speeds and get a shareable image:

$ speedtest-cli --share

You’ll get an image link that you can share or embed, here’s mine for the CloudTutorials server:

Feel free to post yours in the comments section!

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